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Company History
Stecktronics is located in the beautiful Florida keys. Boot Key Harbor in Marathon, to be exact. Cruising boaters frequent this harbor because of it’s superior protection from the elements and a controlling depth of over six feet. This, along with 12 months of summer, is what lured my wife, Marlene and me, Reynold, to migrate from the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia to here, in the year 2002.

This is where the story begins……Upon arrival in late spring 2002 we picked an ideal anchorage spot for our restored 80’ Trumpy motor yacht, Ericka, and started the daily routine of living on-the-hook. This, of course, requires being self -sufficient, which in turn brings into play things like battery banks, inverters, generators and the like. We had all this, but none the less, current draw became a major issue. Sacrificing 20 amp hrs. a night for an anchor light really bugged me, and then to make it worse; if we forgot to turn it off it ended up zapping 48 amp hrs. This alone, gave Stecktronics it’s beginning in LED lighting products. Yes, an anchor light that comes on automatically, dusk-til-dawn, and uses as little as one amp hr. all night long.

Since this small beginning we have expanded the product line to many variations of LED anchor lights, a full line of LED navigation lights, LED interior lighting, LED bulb replacements, portable LED lighting, and more.

My background as a home designer and general contractor did little for me in the electronics world, but my spare time hobby was always devoted to boating and electronic projects. After my arrival in Florida, spare time seemed to be plentiful and I met a gentlemen who was, and is, an absolute genius in the world of electronics and micro-controller technology. His willingness to teach and my eagerness to learn has led to a great friendship and has certainly put my electronics career into high gear. I rely on his sound advise and expertise every day….Thanks Ray!!

Stecktronic’s product line expands every month and our goal is to engineer and develop quality products for the cruising boater. LED lighting technology has taken great strides in the past few years and it is our intention to incorporate these advancements into lighting solutions.

Thanks to all our customers who depend on our products! Without you, there would be no need for advancement. Also, Thanks to anyone who browses this website and has an interest in LED lighting. Everyone's comments, suggestions or questions are always welcome and help us in the development of products you can use.

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