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More information on our exciting new interior lighting products!!!
Stecktronics is proud to announce its advancements in area type lighting. Until now it seemed impossible that LED lighting could compete with outdated incandescent light bulbs.....especially in lighting up a larger area with one fixture.

That problem has been solved....Stecktronics now has a LED light wafer which houses 30 LEDs that cast a beam of warm white light at a 140 degree pattern and is equal in brightness to a 75 watt incandescent bulb!!!! This is our brightest product but there are many more options....if any of this sparks your intrest then Click here for more details on interior lighting Or go to main menu above and click on the interior lights catagory to purchase these lighting products.

Here's the story:

Our LED light modules are the embodiment of a very unique circuit that has been continually improved since our beginning in 2003. Current regulation is of utmost importance in any LED circuity to insure the longevity of the cluster of LEDs that make up any LED light.....whether it is an anchor light, interior reading light, or navigation light. If it is installed on a boat, it will need current regulation.....without it, the light will fail in a few months.

As you know, incandescent bulbs burn out fast.....Stecktronics LED bulb clusters can have a life span of up to 50,000 hours.....that's 11 years of 10 hours use per day. Another important feature of all Stecktronics LED lighting products, is the amount of current draw. We urge you to compare the current draw of our producs with any of our competition.....example: Our Two (2) nautical mile U.S. Coast Guard Certified Anchor Lights draw only 100ma (0.1 amps).
As a rule of thumb; any of our LED lights draw about 1/10th the current compared to its' incandescent counterpart. Again, we urge you to compare..... nothing else is even close to this efficiency!

Stecktronics was founded on the two basic building blocks shown below, which made up our only product when we started.....an automatic anchor light. Since then, our product line has expanded from that single item to over 100 variations of LED lights as you will see throughout our website. The same proven electronic circuit board theory, along with many improvements, is used in all applications, whether it is an array of 12 LEDs or an array of 48.

Another important milestone is the introduction of our own line of U.S. Coast Guard Certified Anchor and Navigation Lights.

The STM-780 Ultra-Efficient Modular LED Light System is comprised of two basic building blocks shown at left. They are referred to as wafers which are 1.75 inches in diameter. To the left is the LED wafer which houses twelve 20,000 mcd LEDs, current draw is 50ma and can be used by itself or double stacked for an LED light that is twice as bright.

Now, add a control wafer (shown at left) to the LED light wafer(s)and the light becomes quite another thing. You do not have to change your current switch or mast wiring. Simply make sure your masthead has correct polarity, and wire in the light. Now, when you turn the switch on once, the light is automatic. On at dusk, and off at daylight. But, turn it on twice and leave it on, the unit is on manual and will require you shut it off. Three flips of the switch equal slow flash, four flips equal fast flash. Five flips and the unit will flash SOS until turned off. See quick reference guide. See quick reference guide.

All LED anchor lights and LED navigation lights come in kit form to retrofit your existing light, or as a completely assembled AquaSignal®

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